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Invisible mesh socks – 3 Pairs


Tab socks pack – 3 Pairs

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Low cut sock pack – 3 Pairs


Konscious socks are must-haves. In our inclusive sizes which stretches up to 22-25cm (uk 5 to 7).

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Style Description:

  • Our Ankle low cut socks are created from the highest grade 100% HEMP fabric gives you quintessential, pure softness and completely unrestricted movement.
  • Composition: 54% Organic HEMP, 41% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Eco-friendly dyes: All of our dyes are low-impact and azo-free.
  • With each wash it get softer in use
  • Do not iron or wash with hot water
  • Your perfect companion for multiple use as it can resist odour.

Why Hemp Socks are the BEST:

  • Most comfortable socks in the world
  • Durable – no holes in your socks
  • Breathable – keeps your feet fresh and dry all day
  • Moisture Wicking – no more sweaty feet
  • Anti-bacterial – resists odors and fungus
  • Sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly

Kind to you, and the Earth.

All of our socks are designed by us in Assam and constructed with hemp to take care of your feet and withstand persistent use. Our hemp socks are naturally soft and strong with all-day, functional performance. Once you wear our eco-friendly hemp socks, you’ll want a pair for every day of the week.

Get ready to upgrade your sock game with the Konscious LifestylesLow Cut Socks. These ankle-length wonders are made for those who appreciate style, durability, and being eco-friendly all in one.

Imagine the feeling of slipping into socks made from the finest 100% HEMP fabric. Our cut socks are made of the perfect material mix giving you a snug fit that hugs your feet just right. And our commitment to the planet goes beyond just comfort. We use eco-friendly dyes, so you get vibrant colours without harming Mother Earth.

Wondering if washing our low cut socks will deteriorate their quality? You can rest assured because they get even softer with each wash. Just a friendly tip: skip the iron and hot water, and these cut socks will be your trusty sidekicks, keeping things fresh and odour-free, wear after wear.

So, why should you choose hemp socks? Well, they’re not just comfortable but also super eco-friendly, thanks to hemp! We also strive to give you the comfiest socks in the world that don’t give in to pesky holes. Thanks to hemp’s breathability, your feet stay dry and fresh all day. And say goodbye to sweaty discomfort—the moisture-wicking properties have got you covered. Plus, they naturally fight odours and fungi, making them the clear choice for your daily adventures.

What makes Konscious Lifestyles‘ Ankle Socks stand out is our dedication to sustainability. These socks are all about being kind to you and the planet. Designed in Assam and made with hemp, they’re a blend of strength and softness, offering day-long performance that matches your values.

Our pack of three low cut ankle socks ensures you have a pair for every day of the week. Upgrade your sock drawer with the perfect mix of style, comfort, and sustainability—because your feet deserve nothing less.

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